Winter Coat


“Winter Coat” giclee print 10 1/16″ x 14 7/16″ edition of 100


Old barn in winter

Barns are one of the best things ever. It makes me very sad to see them falling down around us. I realize that the costs of keeping them in good repair are prohibitive but we are losing our heritage. I grew up in the barn and when it had to be torn down I cried for days. It was like a big part of me was gone.

This old barn was on the road I take to go to town,there was something special about this on, it was one of my favorites. There’s no telling how many times I stopped to take photographs of it. I just never knew what color it was going to be when I drove by because it was changed with evey different kind of light. One day on my way by, it had all fallen into a big heap on the ground. We had a big snow storm the night before and the weight of it was just too much for the roof. I cried again.