The Rose


“The Rose” giclee print 10″ x 11 7/16″ edition of 250


Pink Rose in Sunlight

When in Vancouver do as the natives do, walk. (My daughter and her family live in Vancouver) There is no finer way to see the sights then walking, you see everything up close and personal. One day we were all out for a walk and I happened upon this absolutely wonderful rose which, of course, I took a pictures of. We go to Vancouver in the fall and when we get home it is time for the Clay County Fair. I show at the fair for all nine days and while there I work on paintings. I started the rose at the fair and when my new little daughter-in-law saw it she goes “ohh, ohh, ohh, That one has to be mine!!!” So of course it is. but not before I had prints made of it.