The Outrider


“The Outrider” watercolor original 8.5″ x 14.25″

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    Horse and Rider On Cattle Drive

    Several years ago there was a cattle drive that went from Texas to Montana. My husband watched it’s progress in his farm magazines and I was trying to gauge where it would be on the Fourth of July. We use to go to an art show every 4th in western Nebraska and then went to visit friends in eastern Wyoming. If the trail drive was any where close I intended to find it. That was the first question I asked when we got there, “Where is the trail drive.” As it happens the it was just crossing into Wyoming down by Torrington. We went to photograph on two different days. A number of paintings came from this adventure.

    The setting for “The Outrider” was down town Torrington.Wyoming. When considering what to do for a background, I decided that I liked the contrast between the longhorns and the cowboy and the stark white of.the paper so I left it alone. This also made “Sergio” and “The Outrider” a natural pair.